The Union

Posted July 23, 2009 in The Small Screen

The Union is a wonderful movie about why pot became illegal, the absurdity of it remaining illegal and how it remains a potent force in daily life despite the prohibition. The movie is a Canadian take on the subject, ably directed by Brett Harvey and narrated and produced by Adam Scorgie. The film is primarily a North of the Border take on the subject, but its clear eyed perspective definitely encompasses all the lunacy of the United States’ loony and paranoid attack on the noble bud and it’s fans. The filmmakers track the history of pot in Canada and the U.S. and uncover the scurrilous reports and shoddy science that lead to its suppression in the first place. It makes a good argument that the real war on marijuana began as a Richard Nixon ploy to put the hammer down on peace loving hippies and that marijuana remains illegal due to lobbying drug companies afraid of losing market shares. The movie makes a sensible argument for the futility of the war on bud and the potential financial windfall of legalizing it. And in a time when California is in economic freefall, that may be the best argument yet.


The Union, Phase 4. 104 min. Not Rated. List Price $29.99. Releases July 28.


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