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Gilian Klistoff (vocals); Damian Lopez (guitar); Art Hernandez (guitar); Louie Aguilar (bass); Arian Castillo (drums).


The Sounds, delay, tremolo and flange pedals, The Action Design, terrific melodies, fun, partying, some charity . . . and did we mention fun and partying? (Andrew W.K., where are you?)



What to do when your website compares your band to the King of Pop’s (R.I.P.) style, Madge’s evolution (oh wait, is she Esther now?), Diamond Dave’s showmanship (yeah, it’s best it ain’t Haggar) and the party of a ’70s Manhattan disco known for its sex, drugs ‘n’ celeb-crammed atmosphere? If you’re Viola [E]volve, you’d best deliver on the goods via a “Viola Party.”


Guitarist Damian Lopez offers his explanation via a particularly slick night shindig. “We guess the rain [caused] a certain intensity in the crowd, because the further we got into the set the more rowdy the crowd became,” he says. “Towards the end of the set all that could be seen was a sea of bodies crashing into one another—after the set was done, broken glass covered the floor. It’s not a real party unless bottles are broken and booties are shaking—that’s what we call a ‘Viola Party.’”


Incorporating a certain “finesse and charm” exuded by the classical stringed instrument (no violas in this band), the Pomona-based female-fronted energetic indie-rock act exudes its positive approach by emphasizing the fun factor whenever and wherever possible. 


And soon you’ll be able to bring the party home as the group’s recording its forthcoming EP in its Montclair studio. “We are putting a lot of fun percussion instruments like bongos, congas, cowbells and tambourines on the recordings to give each track its own special feel,” says Lopez. After that, the recordings will be mixed and mastered in Arizona. And “after that, it’s on like Donkey Kong.”


While planning on dodging barrels from the video-game ape, Viola [E]volve are holding fast to their original guarantee: “We enjoy every second together as a band and we want everyone to be a part of what we have,” says Lopez. “As a band we have vision to redefine what fun is. When people come to watch us play, it is our obligation and pleasure to ensure they have a good time.”


Viola [E]volve at Characters, 276 E. 1st St., Pomona, (909) 622-9070;, with Sounds of Noise, Daily-Daily and Gentle Matador. Fri, 9PM.


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