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The brothers Ween, Gene and Dean, aren’t really brothers, but that smidge of trivia is one of the more normal aspects of the band/extended (faux or not) drug-based\experimental project founded by Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo in the late ’80s. They are alternatively alternative, lo-fi, slightly proggy, neo-psychedelic stoner rock, yet wriggle away from any proper label or tag. Ween is simply too weird to fit into any camp. They were weird in the ’80s when they self-released six cassettes, eclectic enough to snare comparisons to Zappa and intrigue Twin/Tone Records to sign them. Their first two releases GodWeenSatan and The Pod garnished them the reputation as being a cacophonous medley of electronics and grating guitars, along with a rep for drug humor and use. This was enhanced when the boys scored something of a hit with their “Push th’ Little Daisies,” which received substantial play on MTV and was scary/weird/great. Beavis and Butthead took the piss out of the video and for a shiny second Ween threatened to permanently freak out pop culture. Luckily mainstream success eluded them and Ween has just gotten better, stranger and more fascinating.  The Mollusk in 1997 cemented their genius, something they have continued since. 2004 brought Live in Chicago, a DVD/CD combo that captures the essence of a Ween show. We’re lucky in the IE to have the Ween brothers playing the Fox Theater, one of their several dates around the Southland.  Imbibe with moderate discretion and exult in the odd.


Ween at the Fox Theater Pomona, 301 S. Gary Ave., Pomona, www.foxpomona.com, www.ween.com. Tues, Sept. 1, doors 7:30PM. Tickets $30.


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