Alien Trespass

Posted August 20, 2009 in The Small Screen

Billed as a loving tribute to bad sci-fi films, this Canadian export starring ex-Will & Grace hunk Eric McCormack sets off on the right course, but just like the spaceship of its unfortunate alien hero, plummets head first in a giant mound of dirt. While writer Steven Fisher churned out some pretty tight and occasionally humorous dialogue, and director R.W. Gordon set production values exceptionally high considering the genre, there just isn’t any there, there, as they say. And it’s a shame. The actors are a B-movie dream: the dad from the Wonder Years, Robert Patrick from T2 and two sexy non-porno-chick female leads from TV show The 4400. There’s also no loving nostalgic feeling because we’re not watching anything nostalgic—we’re watching a colorized, updated version (This flick is about a waitress and a scientist inhabited by a good alien who hunt down a bad alien who was onboard the crashed spaceship before he turns a small desert town into goo) of a very bad sci-fi film. Why bother? There’re hundreds of modern films and shows that have sought to pay homage to an era or use that era as a creative device—but the key is to either poke fun (see Woody Allen’s Zelig), or update the plot, themes and personalities so that a modern audience can appreciate that time period without sitting through schlock they’ve seen before (see AMC’s Mad Men). These filmmakers chose to do neither, and have therefore contributed just another forgettable sci-fi flick to the mound.


Alien Trespass, Image Entertainment. 90 min. Rated PG.


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