Local Music Issue

Posted September 10, 2009 in Feature Story

For every Inland Empire band that gets on the radar, you can bet your Raincross tattoo that there are 100 other acts behind them that are just as talented and worthy of your salute—they’re just stuck in that nobody’s-ever-heard-of-’em-yet limbo. For every Travis Barker (Norco) and Alien Ant Farm (Riverside), for every Gram Rabbit (Joshua Tree) and Cracker (Redlands), one can be sure that there’s a pile of other cool bands waiting in the wings that are about to break big, come out with their best song ever or otherwise impress the local scene with their chops, vox and ’tude. To the unsung bands of the Inland Empire, the musical foot soldiers, this issue is dedicated to you. The grass may be greener elsewhere, but the music is so much better over here. 


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