Kill Butterfly

Posted September 10, 2009 in Music


MEMBERS & INSTRUMENTS: Gibbz Gavin (lead vocals); D2 (screams, backup vocals); Trust (drums); Erik (guitars); Albert (guitars); Garrett (bass); DJ Panik (DJ, samples, keyboards).

RECENT RELEASE: (forthcoming release November 2009)
KINDRED SPIRITS: Plenty of ’90s radio hitmakers, including Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit, Crazytown. Got it? Ghetto it!


Google the words “Ghetto rock” and the top results will return with a clothing company, plus links to NYC hip-hop star Mos Def’s video. Now while Def may’ve cut such a single and threads exist with tags emblazoned with that moniker, the members of Fontana-based Kill Butterfly are really into owning the term. Ask lead vocalist Gibbz Gavin, who says “ghetto rock” is a mixture of key elements from all genres and styles that can be heard blaring from the speakers in one’s neighborhood, including pop, rock, hip-hop, death metal, punk, oldies and more. And that’s sorta like the puree you’ll find pouring out of your stereo, should you opt to bump a cut from KB.


Still, some might have a tough time envisioning the ghettos of Fontana, when the best freeway glimpses of the sprawling city are often those whizzing by off the 210, where row upon row of lookalike housing tracts dot the landscape, buttressed by recently-constructed parks and big-box shopping centers. But according to the frontman, such has not always been the case.


On the block where he and his brother (and drummer) Trust grew up, Gavin says they watched their friends and neighbors get stabbed and shot, shoot, steal and deal. And had the brothers not chosen a life of music, they could’ve walked down a very different path.


Fortunately, Kill Butterfly has them focused on the music, as the band’s spent years perfecting their material, building a fanbase via its hardcore followers (Kill Butterfly Army). With a forthcoming full-length on the horizon (produced by Darian Rundall whose credits include Pennywise and Yellowcard), featuring songs that document the band’s personal experiences, Kill Butterfly’s already-noteworthy popularity is bound for bigger numbers. 


“I can’t stress hard work and dedication enough, but great music and an even better live show don’t hurt,” says Garrett. “Most local bands spend all their time locked in a living room or a garage and fail to remember success in this business is not only about the music, but about popularity. Stay active in the scene and you will be seen.”


Kill Butterfly at Shamrocks, 4020-B Chino Hills Pkwy., Chino Hills,, Thurs, Sept. 10, 6PM; at the Lake Alice Trading Co., 3616 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 686-7343,, Wed, 8PM. 


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