Dogs Day

Posted September 3, 2009 in Music


Corona, Riverside
MEMBERS & INSTRUMENTS: Dennis Quijano (drums); Ed “The Shred” Morales (lead guitar, vocals); Steve Enriquez (lead vocals, guitar); Jeovany Lopez (bass/vocals).

KINDRED SPIRITS: “We listen to about everything! From Tupac to Eric Clapton, to Sublime to blink-182, to Hendrix to The Doors, even some Cheech and Chong! We like it all!” And that says it all.



Attempting to learn the history of Corona-based Dogs Day is akin to running a Great Dane through a doggie door made for a pup the size of a pug. It’s just not going to happen, but you can make many attempts to scooch the pooch through. 


We asked drummer Dennis Quijano, and he gave us the somewhat lengthy scoop, so here’s the slightly abridged version—just hang on to your leash. Jeovany Lopez and Steve Enriquez were in All in All. In the summer of ’05 Quijano joined them and they became Green Gravity. They split up and later reformed as Perfect Imperfections. When Morales joined in late ’07, a new pack was formed under the bark of Dogs Day.


Since then, these Dogs have been taking their walks (and rock) around the block, playing local parties and venues, including booking weekly shows at Angels Roadhouse, Dempsey’s, Sporty’s and the Lake Alice Trading Company. And according to Quijano, they’re not done staking their turf. “We want to book more shows locally in the Chino, Riverside and Lake Elsinore area or wherever it may be. And start booking a tour for next year—build our empire first in the IE”


They’ve also connected with local top dogs Inhale for some recent high-profile gigs. “We hooked up over the Internet to play our first party bus show with them back in April or March,” Quijano recalls. “Everything went well, and we became friends over time. We’ve played Stingers with them and Bud Gaugh’s (former member of Sublime) new band Del Mar and with the Skeletones. Even though we’re different genres, we still have a blast playing together. Now we play with Inhale quite often—they’re great bunch of guys!”


OK, but who in the band actually runs with a great bunch of real canines? Quijano tells us he’s got two (Lady and Hunter), Lopez has a Rottweiler named Roxy and Morales has Daisy, a basset hound. 


And what about Enriquez? Says Quijano, “Steve has no dogs.”


Dogs Day at Dempsey’s Sports Bar & Grill, 511 N. Main St., #105, Corona, (951) 270-0152, Thurs, Sept. 3, 9PM; at Zendejas Mexican Restaurant, 1501 Rimpau Ave. #101, Corona, (951) 340-9484, Fri, 6PM; at Godfather’s, 12572 Central Ave., Chino, (909) 627-8080, Thurs, Sept. 10, 8PM.


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