Magnificent Ruffians

Posted September 24, 2009 in Music


MEMBERS: Specific (MC), Master Chief (MC), DJ Sway Deez 

KINDRED SPIRITS: Influenced by KRS-ONE, Busta Rhymes, Common Sense, Killa Priest and Special Ed, Kool Keith, Jus Allah, Diamond D and Company Flow.

RECENT RELEASE: 12 Jewels; Elevated Ruffians (2009)



To set the record straight, the Colton-based hip-hop crew Magnificent Ruffians are usually the Magnificent Ruffians. But, they aren’t always the Magnificent Ruffians. The trio—MCs Specific and Master Chief, plus DJ Sway Deez—have been sluggin‘ rhymes and slingin‘ lines for a decade. And according to Specific, now that they’ve made a name for themselves, they’ve embarked on a number of collaborations with various folks. 

Enter Elevated Ruffians, a team effort with producers Elevated Soul

“They have a real smooth jazz sound and if artists are looking for soulful music like that, they are the ones to do business with,” says Specific. And then there’s the Magnificent Abolitionist, an album that’s a joint venture between the Magnificent Ruffians and Anthalyzah of Forensic Abolitionist. 

“So, basically, whatever work we do we make sure to put our ‘Magnificent’ or ‘Ruffians’ name in it somewhere,” Specific notes. 

And these self-described “raw hip-hop” heads are puttin‘ their names all over the vicinity, linking up with friends like the Outskerts, Building Blocks, DJ Gabe Real “and a long list of local crews we go way back with,” says Specific. But, they also see themselves as part of the larger L.A. underground hip-hop scene, too.

“We are all SoCal and I like to keep it big like that,” the 31-year-old laughs. “I have been going to L.A. since I was in ninth grade and they definitely have influenced me and how I hold it down on the mic. I have much respect for L.A. But at the same time I’m IE all day and we rep it hard in our music.”

Talk about reppin‘ hard, we asked Specific if he’s ever done one big project all together and called it the “Elevated Magnificent Abolitionist Ruffians.” He seemed to get a kick out of our question. “No, that would be too much,” he laughs. “We just have a lot of music and a lot of people who want to work with us. But as far as our fans should know, it’s Magnificent Ruffians and that is the name that we go by 99 percent of the time.” Oh, but that one percent . . .

Magnificent Ruffians at The Pharaoh’s Den, 3579 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 683-5627, Fri, Oct. 2, 8PM.


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