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Tag team nephew-uncle electro-hip-hop ensemble LMFAO are taking over the world, namedropping one city at a time. Ever since their ubiquitous single “I’m in Miami Bitch” dropped earlier this year (and recently peaked at No. 51 on the Billboard Hot 100), the neon-sporting twosome (Sky Blu and Redfoo) have been on the lips and in the ears of everyone and their grandmother (quite literally: The origin of their name came from Sky Blu’s grandmother’s reply to an iChat message he sent her!). Sky Blu and Redfoo studied under the masters of do-it-yourself fame, releasing their hit track on Myspace a`la Tila Tequila and pushing their own clothing line and leaking their first full-length album, Party Rock, at the same time. The single has been remixed many times by LMFAO, substituting other trendy locations, from “I’m in Las Vegas Trick” to tongue-in-cheek tributes to lesser-known party spots like “I’m in Chattanooga Trick.” DJs all summer long have gotten their hands on the original though, churning out remix after remix of house beat-laden breakdowns all across YouTube, MySpace and Last.fm. Catch these candy-colored rappers performing at Stinger’s Bar and Nightclub—you’re in San Bernardino, bitch!


LMFAO w/Speaker Junkies at Stinger’s Bar and Nightclub, Sat. Sept. 19t, 9PM. 194 W. Club Center Dr., San Bernardino, (909) 872-0308; www.stingersbarandnightclub.com, www.myspace.com/stingersbarandnightclub. 8PM.


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