Max Blumenthal

Posted September 24, 2009 in

For those whose nightstand reading includes The Nation and The Huffington Post, Max Blumenthal is your hero; that keen nvestigative reporter/blogger who’s taken political extremists to task with his incisive articles and his postings on YouTube. His Generation Chickenhawk video, which stems from his coverage of the 2007 College Republican National Convention in Washington, D.C., features Iraq War supporters who did not enlist or refused to enlist (insert hypocrisy here). His 2003 piece in exposed possible connections between the killings of hundreds of women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and the policies of corporations and factories in that border city—and garnered Blumenthal the Online News Association’s “Independent Feature Award” for investigative journalism. In his new book, Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement That Shattered the Party, Blumenthal delves into the idea that conservatives support an authoritarian state to provide them with the “emotional security of being a cog in a white Christian hierarchical machine.” Conspiracy theorists, religious conservatives and radical right-wingers might consider staying out of Blumenthal’s journalistic way lest he expose things they prefer to keep hidden. Up your social justice points and check out this talk, part of the “Issues and Dialog” series co-sponsored by KUCR and The Highlander student newspaper.


Max Blumenthal speaks at UC Riverside, University Theater, 900 University Ave., Riverside,, Thurs, Oct. 1, 7PM. Free (parking $5)


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