Calle 13: Sin Mapa.

Posted September 3, 2009 in The Small Screen

Calle 13: Sin Mapa is a documentary that both brings to light some of the poorer areas of South America, the humble lives lived by it’s indigenous people and a glimpse into the private moments when a rock star feels in danger of losing his soul. The rock star in this case is René Pérez Joglar, lead singer and co-founder of the Grammy-winning, insanely successful Puerto Rican band Calle 13 (whose style is a sweaty mélange of urban sound, salsa, Latin pop and American rap-metal). Pérez Joglar is a man who has become slightly unglued by his success, in danger of losing the street mojo that made him and the band so authentic and special in the first place. With some of his band members, he journeys to various places sin mapa (without a map) to try to get in touch with real people to restore some sense of balance to his life. Now this could come off as lame rock star posturing but Pérez Joglar’s charisma and real sense of empathy with the poor he encounters, the beauty of their hidden villages and humble lives, makes this a worthwhile and touching documentary.


Calle 13: Sin Mapa, Sony Music Latin. 90 min. Unrated. List Price $17.99.


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