What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery

Posted September 17, 2009 in The Small Screen

What on Earth? is a charming, sometimes loopy, sometimes mind-blowing documentary on the subject of crop circles. For those not in the know, crop circles are wonderfully intricate geometric designs that show up in corn fields under inexplicable conditions in record time. Many people believe they are elaborate hoaxes, others believe they are messages of cosmic import delivered by aliens or the Earth itself trying to contact humans and educate them on the errors of their ways, and of a planet in critical peril. Director/narrator Suzanne Taylor is a true believer and her film, for the most part, is a traveling among the true believers. Taylor is an engaging presence, a slightly dotty though wise aunt, who presents all these theories and the people who believe them in with such wide-eyed credulity that it all seems believable in the end. Almost. I went into the film thinking the phenomenon of crop circles was New Age hooey. I finished the film not quite ready to believe in extraterrestrials or a planet with consciousness but definitely believing there is something to it. A fun, trippy movie that might even open your mind a bit.


What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery, Mighty Companions, Inc. 81 min. Unrated. $24.95.


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