Palm Springs

Posted October 8, 2009 in Feature Story

Even if your cell phone isn’t ringing, chances are you’re receiving a text message or an e-mail. Even though you left 30 minutes early for work, chances are you’ll face 30 minutes of more traffic. In Southern California, nothing ever really seems to slow down and at times it seems difficult to actually get away. But, the infamous oasis in the desert, the choice spot of old Hollywood, the place that perfected the martini offers a weekend if not an extended stay of quiet and solitude. 


While you may not be able to travel abroad or even across state lines, Palm Springs, about an hour outside Riverside, offers an eclectic array of spa resorts. While some feature a more novelty getaway like Rendezvous’ quirky throw back to the ’50s, others offer luxury away from home like Korakia Pensione’s take on Morocco and the Mediterranean. At Rendezvous, you’re offered a choice of themed rooms from “Marilyn Monroe’s Pretty in Pink” suite to “John Wayne’s Stagecoach Room”—all with direct access to the pool playfully outlined with pink lawn flamingos. And while it seems a little flashy, Rendezvous does keep to Palm Springs’ old Hollywood theme. Plus, they serve a delicious breakfast and offer decent rates.


But if you really need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Korakia Pensione is literally an oasis within an oasis. Separated into two resorts by a small road, Korakia offers either a Moroccan or Mediterranean vacation and there are no electronics in the bungalows. Guests have access to both resorts with all rooms within a few feet from a pool. On the Moroccan side, rooms are a bit more enclosed, like staying in a hotel room in Morocco. On the Mediterranean side, rooms act more like bungalows with walls of wood framed windowed doors that open to let the desert air in. At night the entire resort is lit by small campfires scattered throughout the grounds and guests are invited to view a movie projected on a wall. Korakia is a place for lounging all day poolside or taking break from the sun indoors in your favorite cottons and linens with a good book.


And if your vacation needs a good night out, the place that put so many martinis into Frank Sinatra’s hands now offers a stripe of good restaurants and bars downtown.

Korakia Pensione, 257 S. Patencio Rd., Palm Springs, (760) 864-6411;

Palm Springs Rendezvous, 1420 N. Indian Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, (760) 320-1178;


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