Burn This For Your Friends

Posted October 8, 2009 in Music




Aaron Rocha (lead singer, rhythm guitar); Art Wood (lead guitar, backing vocals); Rob J. Hill (keys); Kevin Holcomb (bass guitar); Chris Lendzion (drums).


We’re all into oldies and classics, like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Marley [and] newer stuff like Sublime, Radiohead, Mars Volta, Tool, etc.”


LIVE @ Hoagie Barmichaels.



Read the band name? Smell something heating up? Sure, you’re probably trying to put two and two together here: Burning, friends, reggae and rock ‘n’ roll . . . But what’s really cookin‘ for this Corona-based outfit is something more along the lines of the technological variety, involving optics and lasers. Uh, yeah, here’s guitarist/vocalist Art Wood to give us the skinny.


“Burn CDs, of course,” he says. “Seriously, do it. The way we see it, the more people we can get to listen and be turned on by our music, the better!”


Ah, but if they could only land more gigs within their own neighborhood to turn on more locals. As it stands, Burn This For Your Friends is playing out often, but it usually involves a little travel time to Orange County.


“Yeah, it’s kind of a problem we’re trying to overcome right now,” Wood admits. “We started playing O.C. gigs mostly because, in the beginning, we started playing shows with AcropolisRPM and most of their shows are in and around the beach areas. Not that it’s a bad thing, because the O.C. has been good to us, but we’re still ‘blossoming’ as a band and working on getting a following. We’ve been getting more local shows recently, but there are still a lot of places in the IE that we have yet to pursue. So watch out, ’cause we’re coming.”


If you don’t happen to catch ’em on a local stage, one of the ways you’ll nab ‘em is via a forthcoming full-length, of which Wood notes they’re almost done with.


“We knew self-recording and self-producing our own album was going to be a huge project, but this thing is a fricking monster,” he says. “We’ve been recording for over a year now and we’re so ready to be done with it. But it is coming together nicely and we’re very happy with what we have so far . . . We all can’t wait ’til it’s done and we can hold it [in] our hands and say, ‘We did this, and we’re fucking proud of it."


Burn This For Your Friends with Mediadrone, Manic Episode, Quick Chase, Jekyl at Angel’s Sports Bar 1650 E. 6th St., Corona, (951) 371-9738; www.myspace.com/angelsbar. Fri, 8PM. $10. 



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