Prostitute Marys

Posted October 22, 2009 in Music


Saddam and Gomorrah (editor’s note: that’s somewhere in the Inland Empire!)


The Rev Ryan Penatration (vocals); Sister Mary Gnosis (guitars); J. Dee Lee The Revlon Messiah (bass); Pastor Frankie Jones (drums).


It may be equal parts punk and rock, but it’s definitely some of the best clergy we’ve ever heard!


Prostitute Marys EP (2007)



Blasphemy! That’s probably the first thing that crosses minds when approaching a band with the name and aesthetic like that of the Prostitute Marys. But, as the band contends, they’re “religious as hell,” as regular churchgoers helping to fill the pews at the Church of Rock ‘n’ Roll.


And their worship of rock is important, as they’re careful not to desecrate the “p” word (“punk”), which according to frontman the Rev. Ryan Penatration, has been diluted in recent years. “You’ve got bands that are ‘emo’ claiming to be punk rock,” he notes. “They sound like the Backstreet Boys with guitars. People just don’t know that punk is an attitude.”


Penatration continues, stating that some bands can be loved by rockers and punks alike. “We play rock ‘n’ roll with attitude for anybody that wants to listen,” he adds. “The New York Dolls and The Stooges were the best at this. We don’t consider ourselves to be in the same class, but we hope to be, someday.”


For now, they’re paying dues playing locally, including opening for ’80s rockers Great White, and old-school punks The Adicts. “Playing to a sold-out crowd with that amazing band is awesome by itself,” says Penatration, “but punk fans are different than your average rock fans. If they don’t like you, trust me, you will know,” adding that the band had a pit swirling during its entire set.


The Marys recently landed a track on an upcoming slasher flick titled On A Dark and Stormy Night and have been chipping away at a new record, Touched By a Father, while dealing with a shifting roster. “Now, we are stronger than ever and with the new power Father Frankie Jones brings behind the drums, we are re-recording and set to release the album in 2010,” says Penatration. (That is, if the clergy doesn’t revoke their clerical collars, first.)


  “If people are going to pay money to see a band then they should get their money’s worth,” says J. Dee Lee. “We work hard and don’t put on makeup for nothing. We play every gig like it’s our last because with a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, it just might be!”


The Prostitute Marys with Gene Loves Jezebel, One Big Zero, Revol Concept, J.A.A.M Kwest, First Last Only at the Mill Creek Cattle Company, 1874 Mentone Blvd., Mentone, (909) 389-0706; Sat, Oct. 24, 7PM. $10.


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