Art Brut

Posted October 22, 2009 in

While the NME elitists (aren’t all English music journalists?) were quick to lump this indie rock act with the same lot as Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and other artsy, dancey bands and while it’s true the band takes its name from some scholarly French term you’ll only find in that art history course you snoozed through as a junior, Art Brut, deep down, is all about fun, catchy, not overly-brainy punk ‘n’ roll. And that’s a good thing. Yeah, they were Rough Trade darlings and played a set at one of the U.K.’s Rock Against Racism, but let’s not look past the tongue-firmly-in-cheek panache and freewheeling fun of albums like Bang Bang Rock & Roll and their latest full-length, Art Brut vs. Satan—which has former Pixies mastermind Frank Black manning the producer duties. How’s that for the alt/indie cool factor? Despite the “Art Wave” tag, Art Brut are bound to put up a most un-stiff fresh and raw performance that’s more about partying than populism. Or is there something subversive going on with this band? Hmmm. Well, if comic books, drinking, record collecting and a fresh-faced enthusiasm for novelty and life’s poignant everyday delights, then this band should be on your next Top of the Pops request list.


Art Brut w/Princeton, Moostach and Parade of Lights at The Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802;,, Thurs, Oct. 29. Doors open 7PM. $12.


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