Francisco The Man

Posted November 25, 2009 in Music


Riverside, Corona


Scotty Cantino (vocals, guitar); Nestor Romero (bass); Abel Ortega (drums).


Somewhere between Buffalo Tom, The Beach Boys, The Killers, Built to Spill, Kings of Leon, a pinch of Neil Young in there, too.

RECENT RELEASE: Do You Remember? (Jan. 2010)



Willows, Calif., is quite the haul from the Inland Empire, as over 500 miles separates the two locations. But a West Coast trek for locals Francisco The Man found the band much closer to the NorCal soil than they’d probably ever wished.


According to frontman Scotty Cantino, it turns out their van’s roof made contact with Interstate 5—yes, just picture four wheels momentarily pointing towards the heavens—when one of the musicians in tourmates Jeprocket fell asleep behind the wheel. 


“Needless to say, it’s pretty hard to drive a 15-passenger van asleep,” says Cantino. In fact, the band left the much-mangled van in Willows as a “departing gift.”


Fortunately, Cantino’s alive to continue rockin‘ with his exceptional ensemble in tow, refining their sound as tight as any trio could.


And just what is that sound? It’s rock that can’t be encapsulated in a brief sentence. “I feel that a lot of bands try and capture a certain ‘sound’ and be something they aren’t,” says Cantino. “I hate that. I’d rather watch a band with zero talent play songs they believe in than a group of solid musicians play what they think is hip. We believe in the music we play. That’s why we do it.”


Such belief’s paying off, as FTM opened for Frank Black of the Pixies, which Cantino notes was quite an honor. “I don’t think I’ll forget that anytime soon,” he adds.


Speaking of forgetting, has anyone confused Francisco The Man for known indie act Portugal. The Man? “I don’t know that people have ever actually confused us, but I do get people coming up to me every so often and saying, ‘You know there is a band called Portugal. The Man, right?!’ One time a guy wearing a Grizzly Bear shirt walked up after a show and asked me that,” Cantino recalls. “He then hopped in his car and Panda Bear started playing on his stereo. Then, as he pulled away, I noticed he had a Minus the Bear sticker on the back of his car. I thought that was kinda funny. Or maybe it was Deerhunter, Deerhoof and Deer Tick? I forget.” 


Francisco The Man performs Sat, Nov. 28, at The Press, 129 Harvard Ave., Claremont, (909) 625-4808; 10PM.


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