Green Asians and Ham

Posted November 19, 2009 in Music


San Bernardino, Rialto


Reverend Dr. Dan (vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo); Dr. Max Webster (vocals, drums); Dr. Pu Ping (lead guitar, backing vocals); Dr. Jones (guitar, mandolin); Dr. Bong Waters (bass).


The band cites influences such as Frank Zappa, Snakefinger, Ronnie James Dio, Parliament/Funkadelic, Shawn Jones, G.G. Allin, Max Webster, Nitzer Ebb, Pigface, Steve Martin, Charles Bukowski, Toy Dolls, Pink Floyd and Ween. 



“I was watching a documentary on cannibalism, and they discussed how efficiently your body breaks down people meat,” says Reverend Dr. Dan on the inspiration for his song, “Eating People.” “It’s what we’re made of, therefore, we digest people with much more ease. They stated that this is the reason the people in those situations were able to make it out. Eating people makes you strong. I haven’t been in a cannibal situation before, but I think people might be really tasty with an alfredo sauce or made into some sort of chili.”


A recipe for disaster? Possibly. But know that comedic rockers Green Asians and Ham are used to the strangest of circumstances. For example, they’re one of the few acts rockin‘ the mandolin.


“There are things that you can do on mandolins, that a guitar can’t accomplish,” Rev. Dan says. “It really is a cool rock instrument. Country music just gave it a bad rep. I suggest that all guitarists try mandolin.”


Or try their hometown, San Bernardino—just make sure you hear their song bearing the city’s title first. “It just seemed like a natural thing to write about your town,” says Rev. Dan. “Every line in the song is a true story that either happened to us or friends of ours, except for the Devil stealing my soul. Our fans are always coming up with new lines for the song too. It’s a theme that the locals can all get behind.”


“We have unexpected things happen to us all the time in S.B.,” Dr. Jones adds. “I’m talking some real freaky stuff. It must be the rocket fuel in the water.”


“I saw a cracked-out hooker dancing by the door and lured her on stage,” says Rev. Dan. “I danced with her while we played and then tied her up with my guitar cord. After the show I couldn’t get rid of her, and I had to go [to a] considerable effort to ditch her.”


But they’re not about ditching all women. “We are H1N1 free, ladies,” adds Dan. Now there’s a band with a clean bill of health, even if cannibalism’s on the set list. 


Green Asians and Ham at Liam’s Irish Pub, 1087 S. Mount Vernon Ave., Colton, (909) 422-9900; Sat, 9PM.


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