Prophets of Sound

Posted November 5, 2009 in Music



King Jesk (Mic Wizdom); Hesk Picasoe (Benny Blanco)

Influenced by: Kool Herc, Cypress Hill, Nas, Jay-Z, Dilated Peoples, KRS-One, Tupac, A Tribe Called Quest, Big Pun, Big L, Visionaries, Shapeshifters and Scarface. (“Pretty much anybody spitting that realness,” adds Jesk.)


Seek Wizdom; Not Gold Mixtape (2008) 


If there’s a do-it-yourself aesthete that runs through the underground hip-hop locale, chances are Prophets of Sound have snugly latched themselves to it.


For example, ask ’em about becoming a part of an IE-based hip-hop scene or opting to trail the folks in Los Angeles, and Jesk notes that they’ve been trying to pave their own roads.


“It’s hard for us because we’re stuck in the middle,” he responds. “You just pretty much have to stay on the grind and push your music as much as possible. But watch out, cause we’re bringing that heat and pretty soon cats are gonna be shooting down to the IE from L.A. to prove what’s up, instead of the opposite.”


And when Jesk (along with brother Hesk, the other half of the Prophets) encountered a technicality at a recent gig, the act had to devise a solution Richard Dean Anderson ’80s-action TV series-style—and quick.


“There was a cool turnout, [it’s] just we had mad problems,” Jesk recalls. “There was only one mic and that mic was pretty bogus. We went searching for a place to buy a mic and because it’s at the beach, there was nothing around. I ended up having to perform through a pair headphones—pretty much MacGyvered it.”


Hesk and Jesk got their launch as members of Military Minds and almost released an album before parting ways.


“Hip-hop runs through our veins,” says Hesk. ”So we formed Prophets of Sound and started ripping any beat we could get our hands on. We really switched up our style from our Military Minds days and we put out Seek Wizdom; Not Gold.” 


With production assistance from The Craftsman (of Solid Theory) and E.Q. (of RTD), Jesk notes that the pair is working on a new full-length album—between their various side and solo projects—dubbed Devine Inspiration


“Our inspiration is pretty much life in general,” says Jesk. “Family, friends. Realizing that this is what we love to do and as long as people are showing us that love, we’re going to constantly put our everything into our lyrics.”


Prophets of Sound w/Zen R.E.L.Z.M., Wasted Talent and others at Characters, 276 E. 1st St, Pomona, (909) 622-9070; Sat, Nov. 7. Doors open 8PM. $5.


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