Spirit Fangs

Posted November 12, 2009 in Music


San Bernardino

Adam Martinez (guitar, vocals); Chris Cabezudo  (guitar, vocals); Diego Napoles (vocals); Danny Demaio (bass, vocals); AJ Salazar (drums).


Plenty o‘ white Fender guitars, Taco Tia, dreaming about unicorns with transparent teeth, Every Time I Die and maybe just a smidge of some Rye Coalition somewhere in the mix, too.
Read My Palm, Revenant (Steal Mantra, 2009)
WEBSITE: www.spiritfangs.com, www.myspace.com/spiritfangs.


Jump onto Spirit Fangs’ official website (that’s www.spiritfangs.com) and you’ll see that amongst the obligatory items available on most bands’ sites (“crap like photos, videos, merch and news”), there’s another tidbit they’re offering that most bands don’t usually include. Well, let’s make that trying to offer: “We’re also working on getting coupons for 99-cent enchiladas at Taco Tia. So, be on the look out for that.”


Of course, in connecting with the San Bernardino-based indie rock group, we just had to find out the coupon status. (After all, what’s great music without tasty food to tag along?) According to vocalist Diego Napoles, it turns out that they’re still trying—he’s hoping to have them by 2012. Until then, we’ll need to satiate our hunger sans discounts, but with the tuneage of the Fangs, who pack a serious guitar-laden rock punch from its five members.


But the act didn’t start with all dudes in tow. In fact, bassist/vocalist Danny Demaio and Napoles launched Spirit Fangs as a duo, recorded an EP together and asked friends to pitch in when performing live. “I was stoked when they asked me,” says guitarist/vocalist Adam Martinez. “After lots of line-up changes, we finally have a great group of ‘broskis’ doing what we love and just kicking out the jams.”


And while those jams are sonically suitable for a large room, Napoles and Martinez are all about keeping their gigs on an intimate level. Martinez notes that the house shows thrown by their “brother band” What Hands Are For make for an awesome time. “I don’t like elevated stages ’cause I feel it creates a wall between [the] audience,” Napoles adds. “I want the crowd to have as much fun as we do, so I make sure to include them.” 


And one of these inclusionary gigs was a recent warehouse show.


“The crowd was into it and we were able to release some band tension in our performance,” Napoles says. “In the heat of battle I knocked over Adam’s amp and spilt beer on some dude’s P.A. Sorry man!”


Spirit Fangs with Tumbleweeds, Media, Damn the Boy, Color in the Rain at the Pharaoh’s Den, 3579 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 683-5627; www.myspace.com/thepharaohsden. Thurs, Nov. 19, 7PM.


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