Toi & Moi

Posted November 19, 2009 in The Small Screen

Connoisseurs of French film can quite fairly claim some of the most cutting-edge cinema ever to be filmed within their critically acclaimed yet often snooty backyard. From Renoir’s La Grande Illusion through the works of Truffaut and Goddard there has been much to look down their noses with Francophile disdain about, and while American cinema has declined into shoddy storytelling and big explosions, the French have continued to make wonderful smaller films with recognizable human characters. Toi & Moi is a nice corrective for French film snobs. While out and out crap, it is the sort of mindless trifle that would make the perfect Kate Hudson Vehicle. The film wastes two fine performances by Julie Depardieu and Academy Award-winner Marion Cotillard, trapping them in a pedestrian script that is alarmingly predictable in its chick flick plot arc. There are small pleasures in the fantasy elements of the film (Depardieu’s illustrated stories come to life, Cotillard plays a cellist and the music of that instrument is wonderfully utilized throughout), but overall it is a harmless, piffle of a movie.


Toi & Moi, Koch Lorber Films. 90 min. Not Rated. List Price $24.98. Releases Nov. 24.


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