Who is KK Downey?

Posted November 5, 2009 in The Small Screen

Who is KK Downey? is a worthy satire. It is the rare comedy that is both scathingly sharp and on-target in its more subtle satirical moments, but capable of laying on the broad, stupid humor too. The guys responsible for Who is KK Downey? are a Montreal-based comedy troupe called the Kidnappers. Instead of going for an obvious sketch compilation for their first film they instead put together something with a great story and a unique setting—the perfect framework to show off their considerable talents. Darren Curtis and Matt Silver play the central leads of the film, as well as sharing writing credits. Pat Kiely, who plays the most self-absorbed critic ever, shares a directing credit with Curtis. Curtis plays a musician going nowhere fast; Silver (named Theo Huxtable!) plays a novelist who has just written a sleazy book about a male prostitute, titled Who is KK Downey?, that no one has an interest in publishing. Together the boys come up with the idea of Curtis donning a wig and garish makeup and pretending to be Downey. Much hilarity ensues. The filmmakers get to have their cake and eat it too: they effortlessly skewer hipster pretension throughout but have created a film that is exactly what it mocks.


Who is KK Downey?, IndiePixfilms. 90 min. Unrated. List Price $24.95.


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