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Posted December 3, 2009 in Feature Story

CES is your Mardi Gras. Shopping at Fry’s is like a trip to Disneyland. For the person who absolutely, positively needs to have the latest in electronics and other circuit-ridden amenities, we advise the following…


The new iMac

Whether it’s the 21.5- or the 27-incher, these systems will always have twice the balls of any PC out there. Sorry, PC; there’s no way your bulbous lines could ever match the sex appeal of this all-in-one. $1,199 (21.5-inch model).


Windows 7

We had to balance out the Mac attack even if the Microsoft folks stripped away the Mac-esque feel of Vista just to speed up the new OS and convert XP diehards. Or will SP1 fix it? $119 (Home edition).


Garmin Nuviphone

Boldly going where no phone has gone before? Hardly, but the going is sure. AT&T’s new navigational phone is accurate as long as you stay put in the country, and it sure beats paying the $9.95 monthly subscription charges of other smart phones. $199 (G60 model w/AT&T after mail-in rebate).


The Twilight USB Flash Drive

Getting a USB drive is like getting a lump of coal, but this is one lump of coal any screaming teenager would want in her pants. Stamped with a 3D Cullen crest and with the New Moon soundtrack pre-loaded, the 16GB version provides ample space for both Jacob and Edward combined. $59.99 (16GB).



Motorola T505 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

You won’t be as lucky as Maria Shriver—who’s got the Governator in her corner—so why take a chance? This handy gadget streams calls and music from your cell phone to the audio system of your car or truck through the Magic of Bluetooth. $139.99.



Can Motorola’s Droid (and Google’s fun Android OS) be the answer to the iPhone? A whopping surge of 17 percent in cellular market share might make Apple quake in their shoes—just a little. $199.99 (w/activation with Verizon).


Sony Reader

Because who wants to keep killing books every time they read the new Dan Brown hardcover? And, besides, the Kindle is so 2008. Seriously, though, the Sony Reader Digital Book gets high marks for a screen size and quality that matches Amazon’s golden boy, but its touchscreen and ability to support more widely embraced e-book file formats makes the Reader kick some paperback butt! $199 Pocket Edition, $299 Touch Edition, $399 Daily Edition.



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