42 Seconds Later

Posted December 3, 2009 in Music


San Bernardino

Matt Gugg (guitar, backing vocals); Shari Gugg (bass; lead vocals); Cory Chapman (drums, backing vocals)

Put the radio on KCAL for five minutes. Then, switch it to KROQ for three minutes. After that, tune into KLOS for a few more minutes. And when you’re ready, twist the knob to X103.9 for short while thereafter.


Breakdown (2008).

www.myspace.com/42secondslater; www.42secondslater.com.


While many actually choose to move to the Inland Empire, there are probably just as many that circumstantially find themselves living out here. Matt and Shari Gugg, the married founders of rockers 42 Seconds Later, sorta split the difference on the aforementioned.


“We got to the I.E. kind of by luck and by accident,” says Matt, the act’s guitarist (the pair are actually Badger State natives). “We found a place to live online before we had moved or even been to California. We were just looking for nice places in or within roughly an hour of Hollywood, so that we could commute there and play shows. We didn’t realize how many cool clubs and bands were in the Inland Empire so we got the best of both worlds.”


Wife/bassist/vocalist Shari added that she’d always wanted to live in California since she was a child. “I believe in following our dreams and my biggest is to be a ‘rock star’ so to speak . . . But seriously, this is where dreams come true, isn’t it?” 


Self-described as “classic rock with a middle finger” by Matt, the trio (with drummer Cory Chapman on board) fuses elements of rock, metal, pop and punk, without having to subscribe to a single genre. “No matter what, it’s always raw, guitar-based rock with a hook,” he adds.


42 Seconds Later have cast their lures across Southern California, hitting the Jam Bernardino festival with IE Weekly “Band of the Week” Sachi, the Orange County Fair and the Whisky. And relocating found the Guggs realizing their rock dreams, opening for heroes Joey Belladonna of Anthrax (“I grew up on classic Anthrax so this was a dream come true for me,” says Matt) and Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses fame (now of Adler’s Appetite).


“They were amazing,” says Shari. “I never had the luck to see the old-school Guns N’ Roses in concert but this was damn close. They totally rocked and I got to meet Steven Adler and the band after the show. I’m a huge fan and I will always remember that!” (Waleed Rashidi)


42 Seconds Later at Angel’s Roadhouse, 32464 Dunlap Blvd., Yucaipa, (909) 795-0665;  HYPERLINK "http://www.myspace.com/angelsroad" \t "_blank" www.myspace.com/angelsroadhouse. Fri, 8:30PM.


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