Gonzo Fiction

Posted December 17, 2009 in Music


Victorville, Orange County


Jesse O (vocals); Jason Armas (guitar); Luke MC (drums); Billy Botox (bass). 


For starters, we can say Johnny Ramone, Jack Grisham and, hell, Hunter S. Thompson, too. It’s just that kind of in-yer-face, full throttle punk rock that you’ll never forget.


Ramone Complex (coming Jan. 2010)


Gonzo Fiction’s new album’s dubbed Ramone Complex, and if you’re into puttin‘ two and two together, you’re right to infer that half of its title is a nod to the groundbreaking, leather-jacket wearing New York punk quartet.


“Like Johnny [Ramone], when we are on that stage, it’s that want to be the best band in the world,” says vocalist Jesse O. It’s not an unreasonable wish, as the band’s been crankin‘ the volume for six-ish years, hitting gigs throughout California and Nevada.


And the “Gonzo” in the band’s name isn’t haphazardly placed, either. Jesse feels that “Gonzo” represents the band’s theme, and it’s a nod to writer Hunter S. Thompson, who had been associated with the term to better define his otherwise indescribable, unique take on journalism. Fear and Loathing in the High Desert?


“We have always stood out to be that band, that sound that you just can’t seem to place your finger on,” says Jesse. “The lyrics are my spin on what I see when I wake up and roll out of bed everyday. Writing and performing these songs is my release and prevents me from going completely mad.”


It’s actually made him pretty upbeat, as one of the band’s most memorable gigs included a local slot with T.S.O.L. “I must have made [T.S.O.L. frontman] Jack Grisham proud,” says Jesse. “He bought one of our shirts and wore it that night and a few days later when he played with Rancid in L.A. I’ve spoke to him a couple of times via e-mail. It blows my fucking mind that I made a friend in Jack Grisham, a man that I look up to in the punk rock scene.”


And it’s not too far fetched for Gonzo Fiction to hope that others might look up to them.


“Like I tell every record label rep, if you see Gonzo Fiction, I will promise you one of the best punk rock ‘n’ roll shows you will ever see,” says Jesse. “I put that on Johnny Ramone’s grave.”


Gonzo Fiction at Angel’s Roadhouse #2, 13685 John Glenn Rd., Apple Valley, (760) 240-6923; www.myspace.com/angelsroadhouse2, www.txcshows.com. Sat, Dec. 19. 6PM. $12.


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