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Posted January 21, 2010 in Feature Story

The Inner Geek 

Imagine yourself in Noah Wyle’s shoes as the Librarian, sent away on a secret mission to find the Holy Grail or some archaeological gem in a faraway Temple of Doom. Only this time, you’ve rediscovered sixteenth century Utopia or experienced the heartbreak of Spock sacrificing his life for the good of the many. Thank the late J. Lloyd Eaton, a Bay Area physician and fellow geek who nursed his love for the fantastical into a living, breathing demon that now occupies the fourth floor at the Tomas Rivera Library at UCR. And thank the geek in Donald Wilson, who so willingly suspended belief to take in the 7,500 tomes that nobody wanted. Eaton’s gift now provides the IE with its own, free, Comic-Con for generations to come. (Nancy Powell)


The Eaton Collection of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror at UC Riverside Special Collections, Tomas Rivera Library, Fourth Floor, 3401 Watkins Dr., Riverside, (951) 827-3233; http://eaton-collection.ucr.edu/About.htm.


There Will Be Mud

This year marks Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa’s 150th anniversary of being the go-to place to slather your mug with mud and get dirty all in the name of profound relaxation. To give you some perspective on how historic this place is, Abraham Lincoln was campaigning for president when this spa opened up—though the business’ clientele was more along the lines of weary stagecoach travelers instead of stressed-out suburbanites. History lesson aside, Glen Ivy’s always proven a popular spot for soaking some warm thermal waters and letting its therapeutic red clay mud work its magic in your pores. Your muddy buddy search is over. (Matt Tapia)


Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, 25000 Glen Ivy Rd, Corona, (888) 453-6489; www.glenivy.com.


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