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Posted January 21, 2010 in Feature Story

The Biggest Bruiser

With the New Year, many of us are headed off on a search for a new fitness regimen, one that will allow us to lose the gut, the cottage-cheese thighs, the back fat. Most of us will head toward traditional gyms where we’ll walk, run, bike, and lift our way hopefully to a better body. But why not get something valuable from the workout? Why not learn to be a master of the cage, a true MMA warrior while sculpting those abs. Mixed Martial Arts training is the It exercise program for 2010, and it’s not just for guys in black shorts and socks. Unlike some of those gym workouts you’ll leave sore and exhilarated knowing you’re on your way towards bad-ass status. (Bill Gerdes)

Looking like Nate Marquardt can start at places like these:

Team Quest Gym, 41561 Date St., Murrieta, (951) 677-1684;

U.S.K.O., 6794 Brockton Ave., Riverside (and across the IE), (951) 686-1505;

Millennia MMA, 8423 Rochester Ave. Suite 102, Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 989-9044;

For Ballers Only

Part of the oomph of living in California during the winter is being able to do outdoorsy sports and hobbies all year round, like paintballing. Now the idea of playing paintball in February might strike some as odd, but it’s probably at least 60-degrees out; it’ll only sting a little when you get hit and you will get hit. Here’s the sweet part though—you get to shoot back, hitting annoying friends, relatives and coworkers in the process, all while working up a sweat. Just be careful to stay away from anyone who freezes their paintballs or looks like their having just a bit too much fun. Laser tag is paintball for liberals. It’s done indoors, in a safe controlled environment and no one gets hurt. It can be done on one of those rare days when it’s truly frigid or rainy and you still get to take out significant others. And dig this—your chances of coming home with a black-and-blue bruise the size and shape of Rhode Island are significantly less. (Bill Gerdes)

Start looking like a Jackson Pollack freak of nature here:

Jungle Island Paintball, 14881 Temescal Canyon Rd., Lake Elsinore, (951) 775-9316;

Laser Quest at the Chino Town Center, 5479 Philadelphia St., Ste. A, Chino, (909) 591-2626;


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