Moving Units

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Moving Units has been on the scene since around 2001 with upbeat, dance-y tunes like “Between Us and Them” and “Emancipation.” I was graced with the pleasure of seeing them perform live a few years back and was surprised by the energy I felt flowing from the stage; the band has a presence about them that calls you to move your hips and rub shoulders with the one standing next to you—it was perhaps this intimate, decadent vibe that helped them nail touring slots with the likes of Hot Hot Heat, The Pixies, Blur and Nine Inch Nails. This upcoming show at the Glass House is sure to be nothing short of explosive, with catchy chorus lines and fun guitar riffs. For the price of a movie ticket and some over-buttered popcorn, you can enjoy a night of dance-punk abandon and good vibes with fellow fun seekers. Also in the mix is Rumspringa, an act equipped with a soulful sound and a bluesy guitar that is sure to make this up-and-coming indie upstart a delight and garner lots of attention—did Shia LeBeouf really direct their “Minds Awake” video? The others on the lineup, Casxio and Cold Blank, are also bound to be entertaining and worth sipping a rum and Coke to, but the real treat will be the get-into jams of the Moving Units and Rumspringa. Grab a friend and head down to Pomona for a night of boogie.


Moving Units w/Rumspringa, Casxio, Cold Bank at The Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona (909) 865-3802; Sat, Jan. 30. Doors open 7PM, $20.


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