No Rabbit Holes Barred

Posted February 11, 2010 in Arts & Culture

Remember when you were a kid and your imagination led you to faraway lands and gave you a best friend with a big heart who encouraged you through every brilliant (but not always safe) idea? Did you spend hours in a fort made out of sheets and sofa cushions with only a flashlight and your storybooks? Can you think back to when the grass was the moat surrounding your castle, where you sat high up and locked away while a ferocious dragon named Spot held you captive and the only way to escape was by swinging from the rope tied in the highest branch? 

If being a child seems too far off in our adult-world of bills and car payments and a tedious 9-to-5, then spending an evening at the Lewis Family Playhouse is just the remedy. The MainStreet Theatre Company produces theatrical delights designed to revive and revamp the love of the theatre with professional and educational productions for children and families. 

Currently running is Cinderella, but with a furry and witty twist as the traditional narrative is interrupted when the White Rabbit falls into the life of our favorite neglected stepdaughter. This adaptation of the timeless tale is intriguing because the audience is allowed to see the character of the White Rabbit develop and blossom as he helps Cinderella find her—you guessed it—Prince Charming. Through the White Rabbit, you learn what it means to be selfless and caring with enchanting song and dance.

Although the stage is simple and doesn’t change, aside from the magical swing and mysterious wardrobe, the use of lighting allows the characters to transcend the stage and brings the show to life in a retro-style. Interested in revisiting your childhood? Fall down this rabbit hole.


Cinderella at Lewis Family Playhouse, 12505 Cultural Center Dr., Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 477-2752; Tickets $16.50 general admission, $14.50 seniors, $12.50 children. Sat, Feb. 13, 1PM and 4PM. 


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