Joel McHale

Posted February 4, 2010 in

Cuz you just can’t get enough Kardashian jokes in a single week. Mr. Talk Soup himself, Joel McHale, is proving gracious enough to bring his celebrity skewering, pop culture name-dropping, sarcasm spouting ways to the IE with this pair of shows this Saturday at Pechanga Resort & Casino. Sure, you probably think McHale’s best stuff was his bank teller role in Spider-Man 2, but we think it’s his Britney slams, The Girls Next Door roasts and general sense of no-hos-barred comic mentality on E! that makes him a cool standard bearer for cable TV yucks. Oh, that and his new role as a back-to-school lawyer on Community. Glib and snarky, Joel, we wouldn’t have you any other way. Seems like people really think this guy’s a gut-buster since the 8 p.m. show sold-out, prompting people wiser than you or I to boot up a 10:30 p.m. show so not everyone gets left out in the entertainment cold. Celebrity-ness is absurb, and Joel will tell you how this weekend. 


Joel McHale at Pechanga Resort & Casino, 45000 Pechanga Pkwy, Temecula, (877) 711-2946; Sat, Feb. 6, 8PM & 10:30PM. Tickets $45-$65.


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