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Mike Mayberry (vocals), Pat Carmichael (guitars), James Roy (bass), Johnny Q (drums).

There’s a whole lotta Tool going on (and sure, even a bit of A Perfect Circle, too). Let’s just say if you like your metal modern, moody and melodic, you’ve ventured into the proper pit.

Ruination (2007)

True to their name, the members of Hemet-based metal act Worldfast are well aware of just how quickly the world can fly by one’s eyes—and the need to merely hang on. In fact, checking out guitarist Pat Carmichael’s response offers sharper insight into just how this local ensemble grasps their rapid environs through music.


“Life is moving at such an incredible pace and we are all so much more connected to one another in ways unseen even a few years ago,” Carmichael says. “We feel that Worldfast describes the intersection of those elements. We are the soundtrack to that reality.”


And the reality, despite its breakneck pace, can sometimes be alarming, or perhaps one full of surprises, as the band discovered during the recording of its most recent release, Ruination.


“It became evident that we were on a journey through our collective emotions,” says Carmichael. “Beliefs that we held close were trampled under the scrutiny that is the songwriting process. As we emerged from the other side of that process, it became clear that we would never look at certain aspects of life the same, our naïve perceptions of reality were changed forever. So the Ruination that we speak of is our realization of truths that we hadn’t explored individually, but became evident as we collaborated as a group, and the change it incurred on our lives.”


Another notable change in the band’s life was being awarded two Inland Empire Music Awards two years in a row. In fact, the band’s blistering performance opened the show last year to a receptive audience, even if it wasn’t solely comprised of metal fans. Worldfast’s gig this Friday at Angels Roadhouse in Yucaipa will likely be their last stage appearance for a while, as they’re set to record next month. 


“It will be my birthday and some of our fans’ birthdays that evening,” says drummer Johnny Q of the upcoming gig. “So, this show will have that party atmosphere as well. Good thing the show’s on Friday, so we can have two days to recover.” Or, if anything, just a couple days to put the brakes on the world.


Worldfast w/Sublime LBC at Angels Roadhouse, 32464 Dunlap Blvd., Yucaipa, (909) 795-0665; Fri, 8PM.


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