Localization, Location, Ubicación

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The concept is unorthodox to say the least: Promise to put a certain book on your shelf. Take a photo of the shelf space where that book will reside. Repeat. For the fourth installment of Pitzer Art Galleries’ “Emerging Artist Series,” New York conceptual artist Carla Herrera-Prats takes a page from the lending library rulebook with “Localization, Location, Ubicación,” an exhibition whose central concept involves getting libraries, research centers and other similar institutions across the U.S., Canada and Mexico to accept a donated book (Localization, Location, Ubicación) and then take photographs of the shelf where the book will be placed once it becomes part of its collection. The book itself will consist of all of these aforementioned photos (plus descriptions). Also included with this exhibition will be sketches of 235 places that declined—insert rejection slip jokes here—to participate in this venture. Herrera-Prats was inspired by The Gift, a 1922 book by French sociologist Marcel Mauss who, among other things, pontificated about how giving gifts and reciprocating the gesture helps to strengthen relationships between the exchanging parties. In this case, the exchange is the titular to-be-printed publication for the photo of its final resting spot. They say it’s all about location-location-location and this exploration of art as bridge-building is worth speaking volumes about. 


Emerging Artist Series #4: “Localization, Location, Ubicación” by Carla Herrera-Prats at Lenzer Family Art Gallery, Atherton Hall, Pitzer College, 1050 N. Mills Ave., Claremont, (909) 607-3143; www.pitzer.edu/galleries. Thru March 19. Free.


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