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Moreno Valley


Chris Rosales (guitar, vocals); Alex Salazar (vocals, guitar); Steve Lowry (drums, vocals); Angelica Salazar (vocals, bass).

The band’s site cites Tool and Nirvana comparisons, though we’re hearing other elements, ranging from the Pixies to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park. Plus, Angelica can even get a tad Stefani-esque, too.


Infusoria (Plastic Pill Records, 2010)

Throughout history, bands have assembled in numerous ways. Some find each other via searches on websites like MySpace or Craigslist. Others (including a few famous groups) assembled via print advertisements in local papers (Mötley Crüe was reportedly to have been one). And there are those who’ve formed directly through pre-established friendships.


Now, when Angelica Salazar moved home after attending college a few years ago, she aimed to join a new band (Salazar had previously been in musical outfits), but she didn’t have to engage in any of the already-mentioned tactics. All she had to do was ask her brother, Alex, and within a year, Infusoria was born—with a little help from a famed scientist. (We’ll get to that in a bit.)


Since the band’s creation, the alt-rock foursome have knocked out some “high energy, in-your-face, wet-your-pants kind of deal” shows (that’s Alex’s vivid description) in and around their homebase of Moreno Valley (Angelica notes the act’s made it as far as Valencia—the California version, mind you). And they’ve even generated enough coinage to track and release their self-titled four-song debut this year.


“We recorded all four songs in one 12-hour session,” says Angelica of the musical marathon. “It was a great experience for all of us and our first time together in a professional recording studio. The challenging part turned out to be in post-production and financing the mixing and mastering of our four songs, which is why we took so long to finally release our EP.”


Even the band’s name selection—the trusty Wikipedia says it’s a term for tiny water dwellers like ciliates, protozoa and unicellular algae—didn’t happen in a complete flash. Still, we really wanted to know if the ensemble was all about trading their axes for beakers on occasion.


“Yeah we all have Ph.Ds in micr—,” laughs Angelica. “No, we were struggling for a while looking for a meaningful name that wasn’t already taken and that we all liked. I’ve been a Carl Sagan fan for many years now, [and] to make a long story short, Carl Sagan spoke to us through [his book] Broca’s Brain, and Infusoria was born.”


Infusoria at Gameworks at Ontario Mills Mall, 4541 Mills Circle, Ontario, (909) 987-4263. Fri, April 23. 8PM. Free.


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