Pride & Prejudice

Posted April 15, 2010 in

Stop yawning, because this is not a flashback to the cumbersome British Lit class you took in school. Pride & Prejudice, our beloved Jane Austen classic, is having a run at the LifeHouse Theater in Redlands with an adaption that brings to the surface the humor of romance and foolishness of, well, prejudice. Girl meets boy, boy loves girl, girl hates boy . . . wait did we say hate, no love, yeah no, it was hate—or was it? Well you get the picture. Yes, you all know the story, the one that always has money and status blocking the ménage a deux. Mr. Darcy is a stern and overly arrogant guy who’s fallen for the beautiful but judgmental damsel, Elizabeth Bennet—herself plagued by a mother who would have her married to anyone, even distant, weird family members. This refreshing take of the story will entertain, more so than Elton John’s production company’s development of an alien-meets-Austen adaption, Pride and Predator, or maybe even the hilarious Bollywood version, Bride and Prejudice. The director, Jane Cason, won a directing award at the 2007 Inland Theatre League Awards for directing The Story of Ruth. Besides this past award, it rocks that a Jane is directing this Chick Lit adaption.


Pride & Prejudice at LifeHouse Theater, 1135 N. Church St., Redlands, (909) 335-3037; Thru May 16. Tickets $14-$18 for adults.


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