Rock the Ink

Posted April 29, 2010 in

You can almost hear the buzz—the sound of more than 150 skin artists revving up their needles and getting ready to—literally—stick it to the people who worship at the altar of Epidermis Adornment. The inaugural Rock the Ink tattoo and entertainment sets up shop this weekend in Ontario for three days packed to the gills with what any good body art blowout should have: skin injected with merciless Technicolor (locals get love as Roman Abrego and Mike Cole of Artistic Element Tattoo in Yucaipa will be holding court), skin manipulated beyond the laws of medical science (eight divisions of grappling and submission matches are scheduled) and skin subjected to the discriminating eyes of judges (daily tat contests including Best Sleeve, Best Large Color, Tattoo of the Day, etc.) and civilians alike. Still not enough skin? The sexy ladies participating in the Miss Rock the Ink competition will probably get you praying to heathen gods for a, dare we say, bikini malfunction? And speaking of ladies, they’ve got ’em on wheels as the Inland Empire Derby Girls will keep you honest if you even think about being ungentlemanly to the dames. Trust us, you don’t want to know what the floor of a roller rink tastes like. Plus the fest’s got live performances by the punk gurus from Unwritten Law, Taintstick and The Lost Boys who will be providing sound waves as you wander from one endorphin rush to the next. In the battle between shirts and skins, skin always wins.


Rock the Ink: 1st Annual Inland Empire Tattoo & Entertainment Festival at Ontario Convention Center, 2000 E. Convention Center Way, Ontario; Fri-Sun, April 30-May 2. 1-11PM Fri, 11AM-11PM Sat, 11AM-9PM Sun. Single-day tickets $25, three-day passes $60.



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