Posted May 20, 2010 in Feature Story

Where to Rest Your Head: You might wonder where the “Coast” in South Coast Winery & Resort fits in here considering this is Temecula—but you’re in the heart of wine country so who cares! This resort is the place to uncork some romance and enjoy a time-stands-still sojourn in the Land of Grapes. Major points go to South Coast for its cozy accommodations; spacious private villas that no room or penthouse could ever match. You get your own private space (there’s even a nice terrace to breath in that vineyard-tinged air) with a fireplace and a spa tub to help you fully unwind. Next time Valentine’s Day comes around or that pesky anniversary date, you might want to upgrade your previously planned “date night” or reservation at the Market Broiler and instead opt for a romantic weekend getaway here. Make yours a Sauvignon Blanc, hers a Syrah and we promise that memories of this destination will—like the best European oak barrels—age gracefully.


Get Your Arts and Culture On: Coming to Temecula wine country and not partaking of the vino is like going to Amsterdam and not—well, you get the picture. Definitely check out Briar Rose Winery (www.briarrosewinery.com)—they specialize in reds and it’s reservation-only, FYI—for the kind of hospitality that’ll make your Muscat taste sooooo much sweeter. There’s also Miramonte Winery (www.miramontewinery.com), the kind of place that’s minted a reputation for being a Pinot Noir paradise created by wine geeks for wine geeks. And the baked brie in sourdough bread here—it doesn’t get any better than this. Yeah, your cup will surely runneth over.


Why You’ve Gotta Come Back: The Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival (www.temeculawines.org) is scheduled for June 4-6. Don’t forget to head here again in September—it’s California Wine Month. Cheers!


South Coast Winery & Resort, 34843 Rancho California Rd., Temecula, (951) 587-9463; www.wineresort.com.


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