Saturation Art and Music Festival

Posted May 20, 2010 in

If you’re looking for an art and music festival where everyone else is doing all the legwork and you can just sit back and enjoy the entertainment—then Saturation isn’t for you. Far from it. The upcoming Saturation Art and Music Festival is a do-it-yourself affair, a “participant-created” left-of-center (heck, there ain’t no center!) extravaganza where a ballet folklorico performance dovetails into a screening for Mad Max, where a tutorial on how to brew beer and a zine swap workshop co-exist with a drum circle and a blistering set by Dondo and the Mother Ship. If you’re looking to take the pulse of the IE’s grassroots scene that wraps up guerilla shows, organized bike rides, handcrafted art and live bands together with a shiny bow, then the mostly all-ages, largely cost-free (nice!) Saturation shall be your smorgasbord of ideas and inspiration. And it’s all over the map. Literally. There’s an art opening at Back to the Grind coffeeshop, then live music at the Mission Tobacco Lounge, then there’s dancing and more art at Tio’s Tacos and printmaking at Division 9 Gallery. Then, to wrap everything up, you can join a peacenik-ish picnic (with open soapbox poetry) at Fairmount Park for the final day. No mere saturation here, folks. This is an all-out art and music soaking. Hose me down! 


Saturation Art and Music Festival, various Riverside venues and times; Thurs-Mon, May 27-31.



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