The Warlocks

Posted May 13, 2010 in

First, tell your Deadhead friends to chillax. These aren’t those Warlocks. These are the other Warlocks. And while they share a penchant for lysergic inspiration in their tuneage (their bio reads “Time flows, blurs and fades away in dim morning light. Time melts”—yup, someone was dosed when they wrote this), the Los Angeles-based Warlocks have strayed way beyond the “Touch of Grey” milieu to mint a psychedelic sound that disorients senses, stimulates neurons and maybe bends time and space just a little bit; the group’s debut, Rise & Fall, featured a 14-minute-long song entitled “Oh Shadie.” And in case you didn’t get it and needed to be beat over the head with it, the band also sports song titles like “Dope Feels Good” (from 2002’s Phoenix), “So Paranoid” (2007’s Heavy Deavy Skull Lover) and “Frequency Meltdown” (last year’s The Mirror Explodes). Druggy? You betcha. Expect to be wholly fixated (and spellbound and entranced) by The Warlocks’ set at The Barn at UC Riverside. If you like your Velvet Underground with a dose of L.A. voodoo and Hawkwind craziness, then here’s hoping your blotter connection comes through by Wednesday.


The Warlocks w/Dios at The Barn, University of California Riverside, 900 University Ave., Wed, May 19. 8:30PM. Free.



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