One Less Zero

Posted June 10, 2010 in Music


Chino Hills, Rialto, Riverside, Yucaipa, Costa Mesa


Sara Hamilton (vocals); Mike Spasbo (drums); Kevin Wright (bass); Allen Losi (guitar); Louie Aguilar (guitar).


One Less Zero (2010)


The band’s list includes a batch of male-fronted groups like The Gaslight Anthem, NOFX and Lagwagon, but let’s not forget the punk ladies in bands like Tilt, Tsunami Bomb and The Distillers.



For over three decades, the parade of punk rock’s largely been a man’s game. With the exception of a handful of notable females, the contributions of legendary punk rock ladies of decades past appeared to have taken a back seat to their male counterparts.


However, it looks as if the tide’s changed over the past several years. Not only are more females seeming to step up to the mic, but males in the audience are recognizing that the power and charisma that punk women exude can rival that of any dude.


And that’s where a band like One Less Zero comes in. Take a few tracks for a spin on the five-piece outfit’s MySpace page and you’ll quickly notice that the group—fronted by the enthusiastic and melodic vocals of Sara Hamilton—can churn out cuts based on its skate-based double-timed pop-punk roots as easily as the next dude-delivered band.


Of course, we wouldn’t fail to mention that the remaining four-fifths of One Less Zero are guys, whose connections run deep, some as far back as elementary school. Many years and bands later, the energetic ensemble added Hamilton after she’d responded to a “mind-boggling Craigslist ad.” (We’re not sure about the content of said posting.)


Spanning three Southern California counties, One Less Zero’s carved quite a cool niche, landing high-profile gigs outside its immediate SoCal confines. 

“The most memorable show we have played so far has been Tucson, Arizona, with NOFX,” says Hamilton. “We played at the Hard Rock in [Las] Vegas a couple nights after and would have to say that was the best and most memorable weekend.”


The remainder of One Less Zero’s year looks to be memorable, too, including work on a new album, plus more shows.


“We have a lot of fun at our shows, and we hope the crowd does too,” Hamilton says. “You’re just going to have to come check us out at the next one.”


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