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Prepare to get schooled! To hype up the planned October gala opening of the UCR Culver Center for the Arts, the forward-thinking folks at the Sweeney Art Gallery have scheduled a series of public events (spoken word poetry, dance, music, et al.) to help drop culture bombs on the unsuspecting passersby along the Main Street pedestrian mall through September. That’s where rhyme-splicer and avant-garde word-surgeon Busdriver comes in today. The L.A. based experimental rapper (who can name-drop co-conspirators like Aceyalone, Mika 9, 2Mex, Radioinactive and Daedelus) has been successfully freestyling his brand of Euclidean wordplay ever since he busted out of the Project Blowed open-mic scene of the mid 1990s. A rapper who seems physically incapable of being tongue-tied (despite how densely he packs his couplets and quatrains!), Busdriver’s the type of meta-literate rhyme-deliverer who can get heads nodding—and scratching over his multi-dimensional references and lyrical permutations. Verbal gymnastics? Check. Conscious lyrics? Oh yeah. Theatrics and vocal jazz scatting all rolled up in one? Trifecta. But that’s Regan Farquhar for you. Get on the Bus‘. And hold on for dear life.


Busdriver w/Open Mike Eagle at the UCR Culver Center of the Arts, 3834 Main St., Riverside, (951) 827-3755; www.sweeney.ucr.edu, www.myspace.com/busdriver. Thurs, June 3. 7PM.


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