Cochina Fest

Posted June 3, 2010 in

Taking a page out of the “mockumentary” playbook, the 7th Annual Cochina Festival will be infesting Claremont’s Higginbotham Park over the weekend. The purpose of this dirt fest is to rebel against the modern status quo that is the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival and other festivals run by, you know, “The Man.” The festival strips down to the basic elements: no admission fees, no outrageously priced bottles of water and—ready of this?—no electricity. Artists are left with the task of figuring out how to power any electrical equipment they may need during their set, whether it be alkaline batteries, a car battery or a hamster running on a wheel. Since this free-for-all event has no typical format, artists can perform wherever they want since there is no stage. In the past, this fest has featured such acts as Nicole Kidman (no, not the ex-Mrs. Cruise) and Serows, so you can bet the anti-establishment types are gonna flock to this like stoners all over a bag of Doritos. This year’s lineup includes: Moses Campbell, So Many Wizards, Big Whup and (this keeps getting better) Vampire Pussy. And these are just the band names we can print. (Melissa Fowler)


7th Annual Cochina Fest at Higginbotham Park, 625 Mt. Carmel Dr., Claremont; Sat-Sun, 12PM both days.



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