Iron Maiden

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Let’s hope this Iron Maiden show turns out better than the egg-pelting debacle from five years ago at this very same venue. You remember—that’s when the U.K. metal powerhouse behind “Run to the Hills” was bombarded by eggs, ice and bottle caps during the band’s 2005 Ozzfest performance, stricken with mysterious multiple power outages and had Mrs. Ozzfest (a.k.a. Sharon Osbourne) call frontman Bruce Dickinson “a prick” for allegedly disrespecting the tour. Well, five years later, it’s a brand-new show, a brand-new tour and another chance to show San Bernardino’s finest metal-heads just who the real prick is when one of the world’s platinum-class heavy acts (that’s been touring since 1980!) returns to the San  Manuel Amphitheater. Ostensibly, this show is a chance to hype up the August release of The Final Frontier, the latest full-length from the leather-clad bunch behind such classics as “The Trooper,” “Aces High” and “Bring Your Daughter . . . to the Slaughter.” But we all know that Bruce, mascot Eddie and the rest of the blokes are likely hankerin‘ for a little payback at this show—seeing as how the Ozzfest Cometh to this stage in August. Hey, Sharon, ya might want to check the electrical plugs . . . and I hope Ozzy likes his eggs over easy. Who’s the real prick now?


Iron Maiden w/Dream Theater at San Manuel Amphitheater, 2575 Glen Helen Pkwy., San Bernardino, (909) 880-6500;, Sat, June 19. 7:30PM. Tickets $15-110.


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