Jay Merryweather’s “Free Rein”

Posted June 17, 2010 in

Bunny Gunner owners Susie and Juan Thorp have done it again—pulling together yet another stylishly fun show, this time from artist/sculptor/designer Jay Merryweather. This exhibit features the artist’s paintings alone—and it’s a colorful palette of eye candy. The historical twist, Obama Lincoln, a melding of the two president’s faces with a dripping red, white and blue streak down the center is not as cliché as it might sound; it seems less that Merryweather is creating a tribute or trying to subvert the oft-linked men, but instead, somberly pointing out the heavy weight of such a comparison. Another president gets an update in Washington’s Grill, where we see the Founding Father fitted with a snappy new set of gold teeth—and all we can say is a very patriotic, hell to the yes. Other pieces include a series of caricatured young women with different headcaps—Byzantine Child sports a radiant globe, Aquarius tries on the galaxy and Roly Poly Fishead girl (you can guess) would make even Billy Mumy proud. There’s plenty more where these came from—so eat them up, yum! 


Jay Merryweather’s “Free Rein” exhibition at Bunny Gunner Gallery, 266 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 868-2808; www.bunnygunner.com. Open Tues–Sat, 10AM–7PM. Free. Thru July 6.


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