Fiction Reform

Posted July 29, 2010 in Music


Brenna Red (vocals, guitars); Danny (drums); Aaron (guitars); D. Powell (bass).

Chino, Stanton, Santa Ana, Los Angeles.

Revelation In The Palms Of The Weak (Basement Records, 2010).


From Rise Against, Bad Religion and the Foo Fighters to Mitch Hedberg, John Graham Mellor and Coors Light. (Quite the combo, indeed!)


A bit less than a year ago, Fiction Reform performed its inaugural set at The Vibe. In the time since, the female-fronted punk act’s already released its first album and even embarked on some out-of-town dates.


Next week, Fiction Reform will play The Vibe once again. It’s almost déjà vu, as vocalist/guitarist Brenna Red jumpstarts memories of her band’s initial foray—and how things might also be memorable for this installment.
“It felt kinda like a first date,” she recalls. “I was super nervous to hit the lights with new and different musicians, but yet I felt incredibly electrified. This time around [on Aug. 8], we’re more cohesive and expect to pack the place, tear up the stage, and rock the hell out of our fans. Also, we’re direct support for The Adolescents. That means immediately after our set we get to drink ourselves into a stupor and pogo along with the crowd. So yeah, I expect this to be a night to remember.”


In fact, Fiction Reform’s hard to forget. Fronted by Red’s powerful vocals, which remind ears of the Distillers’ Brody Dalle, the band also takes a potent stance in both name and recording. 


On the moniker, Red notes that it’s a comment on the current music scene, which she calls hype, propaganda and fiction. “It’s few and far between that you can find a newer band that has substance and a soul,” she says. “And we’re just that type of band, we’ve got credence. We’re gonna cut through the bullshit and revamp—dare I say reform—the standards of creating music in a punk band.”


And its album title, Revelation In The Palms Of The Weak, “simply means that creativity and change follows the hoi polloi,” Red says. “Rockers and the underground have and will always be a place the higher ups will look to for fashion, ideals, art, substance, etc. Who we are and what we create is raped by capitalists and marketed under their ownership.”


Look for the fine-tuned Fiction Reform to own The Vibe’s stage. And expect “a sexy hot mess,” says Red. “Imagine your favorite punk band you used to go see when you were a kid. Then turn it up to 11 and keep the music tight and professional. Like that.”


Fiction Reform at The Vibe, 1805 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 788-0310; Sun, Aug. 8, 8PM.



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