Full Bleed Ahead

Posted July 22, 2010 in Music

Local metal heroes Bonded by Blood are hardly staying local.


Now, the band hasn’t made any announcements about moving from their Pomona turf, but a recent phone interview with vocalist Jose “Aladdin” Barrales suggests that these thrash throwbacks (they’re named after Exodus’ debut album to give you an idea) won’t be found cruising down Garey Avenue or Mission Boulevard for much of 2010.


Our inquiry about the latest with the band finds Barrales offering a detailed—if not amazingly lengthy—rundown. First, Bonded by Blood will pre-launch its forthcoming tour with a pair of close-to-hometown dates, including an IE stop in Riverside at Common Ground this Saturday with Warbringer. Next month, the act will head into Europe for dates in the U.K. and the Czech Republic. And from there, the fivesome’s next home for a few months will likely sport tires, an engine and will traverse a majority of the contiguous U.S., as they link up on back-to-back tours with the aforementioned Exodus, Early Man, Evile, Overkill and Forbidden. Plus, according to Barrales, they’re hoping to land a full European tour plus some South American dates for 2011. Whew!


But such travel is standard procedure for Bonded by Blood. By Barrales’ estimation, these road warriors performed in some two dozen countries during their previous album’s (2008’s Feed the Beast) touring cycle.


“It’s an experience, you know,” he says. “But that’s why we’re in the band, to start promoting our album, and I’m glad we do have lots of things going on.”


Another thing going on is Bonded by Blood’s forthcoming release, Exiled to Earth (on legendary metal label Earache), which is a concept album about the human race being overtaken by aliens. The inspiration hails from the group’s love for sci-fi movies, video games and government conspiracy theories.


“Initially it was just supposed to be one song off the album,” says Barrales. “But it actually just flew into being everything. We were trying to do a more mature and technical, heavier album, and I think we achieved that.”


The band went to Arizona last winter to record with producer Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, UFO), who Barrales says gave the band free reign in the album-making process. “He suggested stuff and if we didn’t like it, he didn’t force it upon us,” says Barrales.


A limited-edition version of Exiled to Earth will also be available, featuring a comic strip that offers a prequel of the album’s story. “We’re big comic book fans, so having a comic book with our album was something we’ve tried [to do] before Feed the Beast was out.”

Another thing they tried before Feed the Beast was booking gigs and find like-minded artists in the Pomona area, after launching the band in 2004. “It was pretty hard in the beginning, that’s for sure,” says Barrales. “We played with bands that had nothing to do with our style. It was just us, hungry to do shows, and we didn’t really care if they were metal or not.”


Fortunately, the band’s had time on their side. Barrales, the oldest member, clocks in at 24, while the rest of his bandmates range in age from 19 to 21. And if you do the math, you’ll realize that most of the band members were born around the time when their specific musical style was starting to breaking ground.


“I was barely born in 1986, so I was thinking about the baby bottle at the time,” says Barrales, laughing. “Growing up in Pomona, there was a big punk scene, so I got into a lot of ’80s punk, and that got me into crossover, like punk and thrash put together. That’s what got me into it . . . [and] I got really lucky to find the guys that I did. It’s been really cool.”


Bonded by Blood w/Warbringer at Common Ground, 3009 Vine St., Riverside; www.myspace.com/bondedbyblood. Sat, July 24. 6PM.


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