Barnum’s FUNundrum!

Posted July 22, 2010 in

What happens under the big top . . . has to be big. Elephantine. Gargantuan. Cloverfield-sized. And that’s exactly what the wizards behind Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey have done when assembling together an army of entertainment for your enjoyment. Let me give it to you by the numbers: 130 performers from six continents (that’s three more continents than the Weekly staff can name!). 100,000 pounds of hard-working pachyderms. Seven motorcyclists. Yup, you can bet that after 200 years, these circus peeps have got a pretty damn good idea on how to put on a big production. What, you didn’t think they’d call this thing “The Greatest Show on Earth” if they didn’t have the cred or the elephant tonnage to back it up? It’s all here. The Flying Caceres will be violating the laws of classical Newtonian physics as they perform a quadruple somersault as part of their patented trapeze act. The Puyang Troupe from China will be putting a two-tiered trampoline to uses even its engineers didn’t think possible. Three Body Benders will make David Blaine look like a parlor room mentalist when they contort their bodies into a cube the size of a milk crate. Oh, and they’ve got an elephant that paints, too. Call it the best thing to happen to circuses since they taught bears to ride itty-bitty bicycles.


Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Barnum’s FUNundrum at the Citizens Business Bank Arena, 4000 Ontario Center Pkwy., Ontario, (909) 244-5500, (800) 745-3000 (to order tickets);, Various show times thru July 25.


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