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Posted August 12, 2010 in Feature Story

Meet Ronnie Renner, defending X Games Moto X Step Up Champ and one of the most easygoing, friendliest personalities on the freestyle circuit. He gives us the inside scoop on his new life in the IE and on the best legal (and illegal) places to ride. 

Let’s talk about your recent results at X16. How did you do? 

[Laughing] Didn’t win . . . that’s the name of my game, but second place. So yeah, I got second place . . . not really the ideal result. Probably should have won that.

What do you plan to do next time for a better showing?

Well, I’ve just got to make adjustments on my practice set-up. I was actually really disappointed with the set-up there. It was a world-class event, supposedly, but they made a bad set-up. So you know, I mean I did a lot of practice and a lot of homework this year, but I don’t think it was really necessary because I arrived to a bad set-up. And then, of course, I didn’t adapt the way I needed to.

I understand that you recently purchased a home here in the IE. How do you like living here?

It’s good. Me and my whole family are here. Travis [Pastrana] comes out here a lot.

What is it about the IE that drew you here?

Well, it’s just where the motocross is. You know where I came up from— Florida—you always knew that Murrieta and Temecula, like, that that was the motocross destination. And so many riders were out here, you know . . . some local, a lot of imports. It just seemed to be where all the testing tracks, Supercross were all around south Corona there…and there is, I don’t know, five or six autocross tracks where you can practice at. And then for my aspect, the sport and race style, it’s not too easy in the summer, but in the winter there are just no other places to ride . . . some legal, some illegal.

What is it that you think makes the IE such a hotbed of motocross activity?

Well, it’s the weather, obviously. It’s sunny for like 300 days of the year, so that helps. And you know the terrain is pretty awesome. Anytime, basically the rainy season, it’s the most epic place in the world.

Where are the best places to practice?
Well, the illegal spots are Beaumont and Reche Canyon, which you have to be careful. Like I said, in the wet season it increases the riders that go out and do shuffle jumps. You know, I wish they could make stuff out there more legal. You’re just like limited when there are so [many] riders. It’s almost unavailable, so I don’t know why it’s illegal and why they don’t work something out to make it more legal instead of just arresting people. We’re two hours from Ocotillo Wells and Glamis. So that’s the real trouble. I mean I can be in Glamis in three hours, Ocotillo in two. Those are two of the best places to ride, and I’ve been to a lot of places.

Best places to race or to compete?

I’d say right now the hotspot is Pala Raceway, which I guess is actually considered north San Diego County. But for whatever reason it draws a lot of the IE people because it’s so close to Temecula and Murrieta.

How did you get started in Motocross?

My father raced. He did about anything and everything on two wheels while I was growing [up]. When I was 1, 2, 3 years old, I was out on the autocross track, playing in the dirt while he was racing. So it’s just like dirt, some of it got into my blood.

What is the most dangerous trick that you have ever done?

Well, back flips. In combinations, they are scary.

Broken any world records recently?

Recently, like a year ago in the summer of ’09 I broke . . . I don’t know if I broke it, but I went highest in the air on a dirt bike quarter pipe. In the Guinness Records, it’s 63 feet.

What is a typical day like for you?

Oh man, they vary. Always busy, that’s for sure. I just kind of get up and I have an 8-month-old daughter so I try to help with her. Depending on my schedule, I try to do some circuit training. About three or four days a week of team quest, and then I hit the gym in Murrieta. Surrounding the streets, the back roads of Murrieta, I go cycling on the bike . . . try to do that about four times a week.

Where do you hang in your free time?

Golfing is probably my No. 1 free time sport. Really, just chilling at home. I love my house. Killer neighborhood. We’re [on the] west side of Murrieta over here, and just got a killer yard with a nice pool and barbecue. Really, you know, it’s not a mansion, but for my idea of a dream home, it’s a pretty cool little home.

Finally, what advice can you give to those who wish to get involved in motocross?

The timing is perfect. Come out to see me at Pala Raceway or whatever, and start training. I definitely recommend that people ride the tracks first before they try freestyle. In winter time, riding out in the desert is an awesome way to learn to ride too, at Ocotillo Wells, Johnson Valley . . . all those places. They’re good places to learn.



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