Good Creation

Posted August 26, 2010 in Music


Gabriel Orozco (lead vocals, guitar); Jordan Speyer (drums, vocals); Daniel Olmedo (bass, vocals).




Good Creation (2010)


From “Hotel California” and the LBC to the heart of Jamaica—Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Maná, Tom Petty, The Eagles, Ozomatli, Slightly Stoopid, Jimi Hendrix and Sublime


We’ve heard reggae, know punk and are even familiar with gospel music. But mash ‘em together and you’ll end up with punk-bred, classic rock-tinged, Christian reggae gospel tunes. Uh, say what?!


We’ll just let Good Creation’s Gabriel Orozco do the honors in better explaining the aforementioned, possibly inaccurate description.


“Since we come out of a very conservative Christian culture, we tried to give the Christian music industry a try,” he says. “We were semi-finalists at the Gospel Music Association ‘Immersion’ event in Nashville, in spite of the fact that most of the judges had no idea where to place us. One even told us straight up that the GMA was not the place for us.”


Fortunately, Good Creation’s found plenty of places since starting over a year ago, gigging at churches, charities, universities, festivals, sporting events, bars, restaurants and city events. There’s even one city in particular—a good mile in the sky from the band’s current haunts—that’s shown exceptional love for the trio.


“Big Bear, Big Bear, Big Bear,” says Orozco. “I can’t say it enough. Even though we’re out of Riverside, they are the ones who have supported us in many ways since the beginning. Nottingham’s, Open Air Big Bear, and their Visitor Center/Chamber of Commerce have been extremely good to us.”


Orozco notes that Good Creation doesn’t delve into traditional roots/reggae (the band’s biggest influence) and veers away from attempting a Jamaican accent (“because I know my Jamaican friends would just laugh at me”), but they’re not afraid to let loose with some feel-good, irie-inflected fare since tweaking their initial mission.


“Originally, we wanted to make believers out of everyone, make them believe in something,” Orozco says. “It didn’t have to be our beliefs, but we really wanted to inspire people to come away from our music believing in something good, maybe even just believing in themselves. But that’s definitely harder than we thought. Eventually we realized that many people just want to hear a good beat or melody at our concerts so they can dance or just chill. So right now, we’re reinventing our ‘mission statement.’” 


And perhaps reinventing a music subgenre in the process?


Good Creation at The Big Cheese Pizza Company, 3397 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 784-0555; Sat, Aug. 28. 7PM.


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