Inland Empire Derby Divas

Posted August 26, 2010 in

You better believe the shoe leather will fly. Only this time, those shoes will have wheels on them. It’ll be the clash of the titans Sunday when the femme fatales behind Inland Empire Divas present the sport of wheeled brawling to Grand Terrace. The grudge matches will pit the Sleazy Riders vs. Torque Wenches (God, I love these names!), plus The Cocktail Waitresses will take on The Showgirls. It’s all-female flat-track roller derby and you sure as hell better love it because these fine ladies put their heart and soul (plus an elbow or three) into it. There’s another match coming up Sept. 25 (featuring the Prison City Derby Dames)—but why wait when you can see the unvarnished bouts right here and now? These divas hope to go pro one day—and they’ve got the names to prove it, like Lipstick Packin‘ Momma, Skaty Perry, Slim Sk8y, La Tormenta and (my personal favorite) Tarracuda. Tough chicks on wheels—now you’re talking! Don’t miss the action cuz, wait—Skaty Perry just kissed a girl. My mistake. She kicked a girl.


Inland Empire Derby Divas at Cal Skate Grand Terrace, 22080 Commerce Way, Grand Terrace;, Sun, Aug. 29. Doors open 6:30PM. $10 at door. 


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