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If you’re like me, the crossover bands like D.R.I. and Agnostic Front were a godsend. Without acts like these that pitched a crowbar at the punk kids and flipped the finger at the longhairs, both camps would never have had a reason to get even more pissed off—and mosh in the same pit. Since then, the Madballs and the Hatebreeds of the world have perfected the formula and come up with their own version of the genre; still keeping it tough as nails, but—and this is important—also heavy as hell. But let us not forget mid-’90s acts like Trial, Buried Alive (full disclosure: personal fave) and Overcast that held court. And good thing, too, since after Buried called it a day, frontman and shredded throat slinger Scott Vogel shed his East Coast geography (though not the ethos) and transplanted himself to L.A. where his brainchild was the band that later became known as Terror. And never was a metallic hardcore group more appropriately dubbed. With breakdowns from here to doomsday, we-shall-overcome lyrical vitriol and wrecking ball riffage, Terror started, well, terrorizing the local VFW and American Legion halls across the land since the early ’00s. Currently, the band’s booked to bring their all-ages pandemonium to Temecula and Victorville this weekend for some shock-and-awe histrionics that will make you think twice about bumping into that dude with the Biohazard T-shirt. Spin kick at your own risk. (Matt Tapia)


Terror w/Bleeding Through and others at The Vault, 41607 Enterprise Circ. North, Temecula, (51) 296-9993; www.myspace.com/thevaultconcerts, wwwwww.myspace.com/terror. Sat, Aug. 14. 6:30PM. $15 advance, $17 door. All ages. Also at Karma, 12152 Cottonwood Ave., Victorville, (760) 955-1600; www.txcshows.com. Sun, Aug. 15. 6PM. $15 advance. All ages.


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